Complete detachment is assured outside of the 12' mark. Louder voices and more obvious or exaggerated gestures may be necessary, like watching a play or stage production, but the comfort zone is protected.

Our comfort zones aren't only affected by other human beings. Animals (dogs or snakes, for example), objects (like a knife blade), and stationary structures (such as a wall) can have exactly the same affect. Sometimes this results in fears and phobias, while other times it is entirely situational and will dissipate once that need for distance has been attained.

So, with the emotional aspect of distance being dealt with, let's look at the cinematic techniques that also convey information (as well as get into our heads). Six distance ranges exist in film, one of which doesn't get mentioned very often. These distances aren't measured with a measuring tape, but rather by what is seen and what isn't:

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