Establishing interior shot of a ritzy Manhattan penthouse apartment. Peter Parker and Mary Jane are attending MJ's model-friend, Tara's trendy party. An assortment of artsy types are there (models, agents, actors, fine artists, club dancers, etc.). MJ is enjoying herself, but Peter looks out of place and uncomfortable. Peter is being pestered by Tara's yapping little poodle.
The badguys charge through the glass door into the party. Two realistically clothed/armored security guards rush forward to protect the guests.
The bandits take out the guards.
The party guests are ordered to the floor. Tara fearfully clutches her poodle. Some panicky guests offer their valuables. MJ is angry, but compliant.
Mr. Hyde walks purposely past his men, up to MJ. He doesn't want loot...He wants Mary Jane!

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