Hello Everyone!
So I have a bit of an issue with my Desktop, involving the RAM. The frustrating issue is in several places of Windows, the RAM amount being Detected is 8GB or 8XXX MB. I have checked the simplest places like (Control Panel\System and Security\System) In Control Panel, To a DirectX Diagnostics Report, Msinfo32 Report, and CPU-Z Report, Out of all, only CPU-Z displays the correct 12GB which I have included to this thread. I have checked the BIOS of my Dell PC also, and it does show 8XXX MB leaving me stumped.

Solutions Attempted:
1. Microsoft System Configuration>Advanced>Maximum Memory (Un-Ticked)
This is one of the first thing's I've tried.
2. Update Windows
3. I have attempted to take out all of the RAM in my system, place one stick and boot my PC and my PC booted on all 4 attempts.

I Know it's most likely something with the BIOS, I also heard of something called Memory Mapping, however I do not know how to do that.

Thank You!!!

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