I'm having trouble configuring my control / gamepad in "assassin's creed 4 blackflag" The control works in the game quietly, I can walk, run, shoot ... However, it's missing some buttons and does not fit my taste.
"Options> controls> customize controls" and edit the buttons for my gamepad, but it did not work, I can select, but at the time of the control the button, I press the control button and nothing happens.
I have also tried to go to "Options> controls> control mapping", but there is nothing for config.
I've tried to contact support, and your response was exactly this: "Since there are control templates available, we can not provide assistance with a configuration of controls that are compatible with the game. for additional information on this subject. "
My control is on Playstation 3,i use windows 7 and would like to configure like assassin's creed syndicate or as close as possible.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.


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